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Chi-Chi(DRAGON BALL) | Erina


Bruce Banner(The Avengers (2012 film)) | Erina


RWT Results Feature #11 - Anivia (League of Legends)

A FB tutorial follower from Chile, erinilla (or Catalina Osorio on FB | deviantArt) made these beautiful blues for her League of Legends cosplay for Anivia the Cryophoenix. Even without coverts or arm covers they are awesome to look at~

More photos available on her FB profile
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Inspired by my Realistic Wing Tutorial

this was a year ago

time go so fast :C


Photo session of Pool Party Girls (League of Legends) With “my” Team » https://www.facebook.com/pages/League-of-Legends-Cosplay-Chile/744267795599681?fref=ts

*Me as “Shamo” (Teemo and Shaco Face)*

<3 more

This is part of my League of Legends team :D

We got a pool party photoshoot and this are some of the pictures ;D

I hope you like it and visit our Fan Page :D


My Simon Petrikov/Ice King cosplay at Supanova, and my reference photos from ‘I Remember You’. The whole backpack, and even a tiny scientific parasite ^_^

Photos taken by nahashon and Shellme - top folks, check ‘em out!

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Cosplay
Source: weibo
Credits: 熊叔KUMAQI,金金金金金_沙小狸,脱线熊猫,赤月12月1号求生贺

hace 1 año | Sábado